What we do

  • Assist providers to achieve quality outcomes for their consumers
  • Assist consumers navigate the aged care system when requiring services for entering aged care

Commercial Consultation

Residential aged care providers and retirement living operators provide quality care and achieve a sustainable income stream.

Residential Consultation

Individuals and families navigating the aged care systems to find appropriate accommodation for a loved one.

Industry Experience

With many years of experience at a senior level in residential aged care and retirement living, AJ Case consulting is available to assist

Improving ACFI Funding

Increase your ACFI Funding with our industry revolutionary software that streamlines your business and raises quality of care.

What can we do for you?


We can support your quality program through gap analysis, policy & procedure review and review of action plans.

Income & Administration

Review of your income & expenditure to maximise surplus and recommend areas for improvement. Administration reviews & staffing level reviews are part of our expertise.


Assist you to obtain residential or retirement accommodation with a minimum of fuss, ensuring all documentation is completed and submitted.

Learn how you can elevate your service and increase funding

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